hose of you who have known us for a while, will know about our affinity for Land Rovers….Guts owns Gutsy, a bright yellow veteran of over 1 million kilometres of trans African driving, and Toby has Friday, who has completed less than a tenth of the distance but who has visited nearly every Land Rover dealership between Cape Town and Nairobi and whose bonnet is currently fastened by string!

So when it came to purchasing another vehicle there was only ever going to be one brand and boy, did we find a beauty!

This vision in khaki is an ex-reserve vehicle from the South African Army has done only 5000 kms (right at the back of the reserves obviously). When we got it, the first job was to remove the armor plating underneath which, to the immense relief of the suspension, shed 2.5 tons of excess weight. Guts then set to work “Pangolinifying” it for our clients in The Chobe. (Cue the A-team music!)

The seating is configured to accommodate 4 clients and a guide – thus the 4x4x4! – and each seat is equipped with a movable, height adjusting, swivelling, padded mount on which to rest those long lenses.

In front of each seat is a carpet lined tray for extra lenses, binos and additional cameras and that all important separate drinks holder……

The vehicle is available for private hire to clients wanting a small, nimble platform to work from for either a half-day of a full-day including a picnic lunch in The Chobe. You will be driven by one of our highly trained photo guides who will get you in the right position for ever shot.

Please contact us for rates and ways to include this in your package.