Vic Falls, Chobe and Okavango Delta

Duration: 10 Days
Location: Vic Falls, Chobe & Okavango Delta
This is the quintessential Botswana Chobe & Delta multi-destination itinerary with a visit to the amazing Victoria Falls at the start. It is suitable for photographer and safari goers of all levels of experience.
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From $3650 | 9 Days

Two Iconic Rivers Safari

Duration: 7 Days
Location: Chobe & Khwai Rivers (Okavango Delta)
Two iconic Botswana rivers on this 7 day photo safari adventure taking in some of the country’s most amazing and diverse photographic locations – Chobe and Khwai.
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From $3,750 | 7 Days

Better Wildlife Photography 2018

Duration: 10 Days
Location: Chobe & Okavango Delta
This ten-day photo safari in the Chobe and Okavango Delta will take your wildlife photography to the next level in the best classroom in the world – The African Bush. Cameras, accommodation and tuition included.
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From $4950 | 10 Days

Ultimate Pangolin Photo Safari 2018

Duration: 14 Days
Location: Vic Falls, Chobe, Okavango Delta and Cape Town
The route from Victoria Falls through the Delta and on to the Cape of Good Hope is not a new one but this itinerary does it in the most photo-centric way possible making it the Ultimate Pangolin Photo Safari.
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From $4585 | 14 Days

Chobe and Okavango Delta Safari

Duration: 7 Days
Location: Chobe & Okavango Delta
The quintessential 7 day Botswana safari package taking in two of the best photo destinations – The Chobe and Okavango Delta.
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From $3150 | 7 Days

Photo Safari on The Chobe River

Duration: Min 3hrs
Location: Chobe River
Let us take you on one of our unforgettable, photographic safaris upon the Chobe River. We use our custom made boat which has been made photo-friendly.
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From $130 | 3hrs +

Vic Falls, Chobe and Madikwe Photo Safari

Duration: 11 Days
Location: Victoria Falls (Zim), Chobe (Bot), Madikwe (SA)
11 Day package links two of Africa’s best and most abundant game reserves, Chobe and Madikwe, with a visit to the mighty Victoria Falls in an effortless and well designed itinerary.
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From $6,450 | 11 Days

Chobe Photo Safari

Duration: 2 Nights
Location: Chobe
The Chobe National Park is one of the most game rich national parks in Africa. It does, in our opinion, offer the most picturesque photographic opportunities per game drive than anywhere else.
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From $790 | 3 Days

Pangolin Voyager Houseboat

Location: Chobe & Zambezi River
The Pangolin Voyager Houseboat journeys along the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers throughout the year hosting guests in absolute luxury and comfort as we drift gently through one of the most game rich environments in Africa.
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From $450

Pangolin Chobe Lodge

Duration: Any
Location: Kasane, Chobe
The Chobe National Park is probably one of the best reserves in Africa for wildlife photography, where we can enjoy our photography from land and water.
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From $295

Pangolin Khwai Camp

Duration: Any
Location: Khwai Private Reserve
The Pangolin Khwai Camp is on the 200,000 ha Khwai private reserve, which is one of the most pristine and well-managed wildlife areas in the whole of Botswana.
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From $560

Pangolin Mobile Camp

Duration: 4 Days
Location: Western Chobe
Our luxurious tented camp options will allow you to experience the essence of the outdoors without any of the unpleasantries.
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From $750 | 4 Days

Madagascar – Coast to Coast

Duration: 13 Days
Location: Madagascar
This is the ultimate pan-Madagascan photo adventure travelling from the East to the West taking in some of the most startling locations, flora and fauna and cultural phenomena that this amazing island has to offer.
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From $4,500 | 13 Days

Victoria Falls, Chobe and Cape Town

Duration: 10 Days
Location: Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa
From the mighty Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, to the beautiful Chobe followed by the stunning beaches, landscapes and culture of the continents southernmost city.
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From $3,950 | 10 Days

Special Samburu

Duration: 4 Days
Location: Samburu, Northern Kenya
Samburu really is the hidden photographic gem of Kenya. This four day add-on will afford you the opprtunity to see and photograph extraordinary animals, plants and landscapes as well as the magnificent Samburu warriors.
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From $2328 | 4 Days