-Do you rent cameras and lenses?

No we don't at the moment but it is something we are looking into. You can use our Nikon D7000s though free of charge during the activities.

-Can you organise visits to the Okavango Delta and to Victoria falls for example?

Yes we can. We have great relationships with lots of lodges in the region and we can create a full itinerary for you if you would like. We can even book your flights as we offer a full start to end travel agency service to our clients. We can even include a visit to Cape Town photograph with our sister company Cape Town Photo Tours 

-What time to the giraffes start to hunt?

(A genuine question once put to Guts so we had better include it)

As far as we know giraffes don't hunt! Well certainly not in packs anyway.

-Can you guarantee that we will see a Pangolin?


-Can I get a discount if have my own camera and lens?
The simple answer is no. That said however it is possible to book the activities on an exclusive-use basis with a couple of friends and it will work out cheaper if we dont have to supply you with cameras. Please contact us for more info.
-Where do I stay when I am in the Chobe with you?

We work with all the lodges in the area as well as the camp sites and the local guesthouses. This means we can offer our clients all levels of accommodation to suit all budgets. Our packages are based at several of the lodges but we can create any type of bespoke itinerary based at any of these places. Contact us and we can put something together for you

-How do I book a group tour?

We can put together any type of tour for groups wanting different types of itinerary, different levels of accommodation and also activities to keep non-photographers entertained during your stay. for more information and a quote please contact us  for more information.

-What is the minimum age for someone to come on a photo safari?

We have set the minimum age of clients attending a photo safari at 11 years old. If however you chose to book the boat exclusively for a group than by all means you can set the age limit yourselves.

-Can I just book the Elephant Bunker on its own?

Im afraid not. Access to the Bunker is restricted to clients who have also booked a couple of photo activities with us and have their own transport to get to where the Bunker is or are doing a workshop with us.

-Do you offer photographic courses?

Yes we do. Once a month usually starting on the first wednesday we host our Better Wildlife Photography Workshop which covers some basic and advanced techniques to really improve your wildlife photography. Full details of the course (which has recently been endorsed by FGASA) is available here 

-Can I bring my own camera and mount it on your seats?

You can indeed as long as your lens has a lens collar with a universal screw hole on the handle. We then mount a plate to the lens collar which in turn slides onto the mounting. The whole process takes less than a minute.

-If I use your camera how do I take my photos home with me?

 Included in the price is either the 4gb SD card that you used during the activity or we can transfer your images to a DVD if you think that will be more convenient.

-Do I need a fancy camera to go on one of your photo safaris?

We supply all our customers with a state of the art Nikon D7000 camera and telephoto lens to use on the activities FREE OF CHARGE!! We will generally set them up for the days conditions and show you how to make the most of the photo opportunities that we encounter.