here is an argument that will no doubt rage until the end of time between which is a better vehicle in the African Bush – The Land Rover or The Land Cruiser. 

 Fortunately at Pangolin….we have both…..so everyone can be happy! 

For our mobile camps in The Chobe, Savute and Moremi we tend to use Toyota Land Cruisers as they will inevitably end up doing many more kilometres on our mobile safaris travelling between the destinations. We have two configurations with 6 and 8 seats all of which are by the window/side. The seats themselves have bean bag mounts to support those heavier lenses with the middle seat either absent or empty for camera gear.

The campsites that we use for the mobile safaris limit us to a maximum number of vehicles at the site at any one time and seeing as we will always have a couple of support vehicles with us we cannot have more game viewers than two at any time.

On the Khwai Private Reserve we have three Land Rovers which operate from the 12 bed Pangolin Khwai Camp. This means that on every drive we have a maximum of four photographers onboard at any one time. This allows everyone to shoot in the same direction at the same time. The Land Rovers have been designed and modified by Guts himself and offer more bean bag supports. 

The jury is out as to which vehicle is better but should you perhaps do our Better Wildlife Photography workshop you will get to experience both and make your own minds up!