As photographers we are all too aware how the design and implementation of a vehicle or boat can make or break a photo safari. 

This is why at Pangolin we have invested heavily in owning, designing and managing our own vehicles and boats at key locations in Botswana where we operate. In addition to these places we also work closely with partner properties further afield where we also send our clients (Like Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe) to help them also redesign their vehicles to suit the needs of the modern day photographer. 

The other significant component of any game drive is the person who is actually driving. Our guides have spent hours practising their positioning of the boats and vehicles to make the most of every sighting. Over the years they have developed a second sense as to positioning with their extensive experience of animal behaviour playing a significant part in predicting the movement of a particular subject. 

Below you will see links to each of the different vehicles that we employ. We are constantly evolving the set up on each so dont be surprised if you turn up and there is an even better system in place.