Pangolin Photo Safaris Covid-19 Protocol

In response the current Corona pandemic we are outlining our Covid-19 protocol for guests arriving at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel and Pangolin Voyager Houseboat.

These are based on the current guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Botswana Government and will be subject to change as the guidelines also adapt to the ever-changing understanding of the virus.

It is our absolute intention to maintain the highest standards and make sure that we cause as little inconvenience to you, at all times, wherever possible.

Arrival at Kasane Airport

Upon arrival you will be met by one of our employees who will be wearing a mask and surgical gloves and carrying a board with your names on it. Handshakes are out of course but be assured that behind the fabric there is a beaming smile!

It’s a very short drive to the hotel (5 mins) and we will limit the number of people in each 8 seater minibus to only four guests plus the driver and where we can, a private transfer will be arranged.

Check in at The Pangolin Chobe Hotel

We have a contactless check-in process whereby guests can do so using their own cell phone or tablets on our free Wi-Fi. This should be very quick to do. If you need assistance then there will be one tablet, which has been thoroughly disinfected, for you to use.

Upon arrival at the hotel, your temperature will be taken by a member of staff.

Temperature measurement

During your stay, all the guests and staff will have their temperature taken twice daily. For the staff, it will be at the start and end of their shifts. The number of staff on duty will be limited so as to ensure our guests come into contact with as few people as possible.

For the guests, it will before the morning game drive and again just before dinner – and certainly before you spend any time in the sunken fire pit as it can get toasty warm in there and we don’t want false readings.

Communal Areas of the Pangolin Chobe Hotel and Pangolin Voyager

We have positioned hand sanitiser stations around the hotel/houseboat for your use. The communal spaces such as the gallery, public restrooms, bar area and indoor dining room, sun deck (Voyager) will receive regular disinfection and cleaning when the guests are out on activities focusing on all contact points within the property.

The editing suite at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel will be open for use but limited to eight guests and one host (capacity is double that) at any one time. Set times will be allocated to groups. Should guests not want to use the editing room there is plenty of space up in the bar.


It is recommended that guests bring their own masks which are compliant, in standard and quality. to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) at the time of travel.

Game Activities (Photo Safaris)

With the current recommended social distancing of 2m, we will be limiting the number of guests on an eight-seater photo boat to 4 plus the guide driving the boat at the back and the photo host there to offer assistance with your camera.

On the game drives, we will limit the number of guests to 4 per vehicle occupying the four rows. Every client will be at a window seat. Again, there will be a guide and photo host onboard.

The cameras are all numbered, and you will use the same camera throughout your stay. At the end of a game activity, the photo host will wipe down your camera with a disinfectant wipe and place it in a sealed camera case. This will not be reopened until your next activity where the same camera will be returned to you.

During the activities, the guides and photo host will wear masks and you should feel free to do so too.

Drinks and snacks will be prepared before the game activity by your photo hosts and taken from a fridge storing cans and bottles that have previously been wiped down before refrigerated. Tea and coffee in the mornings will be made fresh on the game drives by the photo hosts. Each guest will be given their own water bottle to use during their stay

After the activities, the boats and vehicles will be sprayed down with disinfectant.

Your room at The Pangolin Chobe Hotel

Before your arrival, each room will be given a deep clean and made ready for you. The in-room information has been removed and replaced with an app where all the information pertaining to your stay will be available on your phone or tablet. Air conditioning will be given a full clean upon each guest’s check out.

We are bringing in the option to have a sealed room during your stay where housekeeping nor maintenance staff will enter your room unless in an emergency. You can elect for this to be the case for your room upon arrival during check-in. In this instance, your room will not be made up or cleaned. If you would like your wastepaper basket emptied you can leave it outside your door and it will be emptied, disinfected and returned to the outside of your door. We will make sure that you have enough toilet paper and other amenities to see you through your stay inside the room.

Your cabin on the Pangolin Voyager Houseboat

As with the hotel, you can elect whether or not you would like your cabin to be cleaned on a daily basis or not. As the houseboat is booked on an exclusive basis for groups and families travelling together or attending a workshop this will be easy to manage. For groups staying longer than four nights, and electing not to have their rooms cleaned we will organise a full day of the houseboat on day five, on an extended game activity, as the cleaning staff enter the rooms, change the linen, replenish the amenities and perform a deep clean of the rooms.

Mealtimes at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel

This protocol is designed to reduce the number of touchpoints – especially communal serving utensils. Condiments will be served in multiple serving vessels distributed on the tables.

Brunch at the hotel, which is traditionally a self-service buffet, will now be served by members of staff wearing masks and gloves. The cooked breakfast is always plated and will continue to be done so. Coffee and tea will be served and replenished at the table by a suitably attired member of staff.

The high tea snacks will be plated as opposed to self-served and refreshments served at the table.

Dinner will either be plated or served, by a member of staff, at the buffet depending on the menu.

The tables which normally seat eight guests will be limited to four while the 2m social distancing recommendation is in place. We have enough tables in the hotel to manage this with one sitting only. The food handlers will be required to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 secs as often as possible.

Mealtimes on the Pangolin Voyager

All meals on the Pangolin Voyager will be plated and brought from the kitchen where the staff will be wearing protective face-masks and gloves while they cook. The guests will be able to help themselves from the bar throughout their stay, as per normal. Wine (red and white) will be opened and placed on the table as required for self-service during mealtimes.

As The Pangolin Voyager is limited, as far as extra dining areas is concerned, all meals will be taken around the large dining table with all the sliding windows open for extra cross ventilation of the room.

The Pangolin Bar at The Pangolin Chobe Hotel

The Pangolin Bar is open all day and a member of staff, wearing a mask and gloves, will be on hand to serve you whatever you desire. The rates at The Pangolin Chobe Hotel are all inclusive so there is no need to pay for individual items – which is another transactional touchpoint we can happily avoid.

Protocol for suspected Covid-19 symptoms

Guest COVID-19 Procedure-01


Although maintenance will need to be performed, whilst guests are on activity, we will limit this to the only very essential work in order to keep the communal areas as free from people as possible.

Groups travelling together

For photographic groups (up to eight guests with a tour leader) travelling together, we will defer to the decision of how these guidelines are implemented. Should the group wish to be on the same photo boat and vehicle they are free to do so.

Please note: As we learn more, globally, about the virus and how it is transmitted and treated these protocols will adapt accordingly.