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Nathaniel Smalley

Nature Odyssey Worldwide Tours

United States

Over the past decade, Nathaniel Smalley has established himself as one of the most respected leaders in the realm of international photo tours. Recognized throughout the industry for his untiring dedication to nature photography ethics, Nathaniel always puts the well-being of his subjects and the natural environment before getting the shot. This responsible approach, combined with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, has enabled him to establish a thriving repeat customer base. The glowing testimonials on his website and word of mouth referrals are a testament to his expertise as a guide and instructor.

Nathaniel’s approach is simple, as a tour guide he always puts the guests and their photographic success before his own. This practice has helped separate him from the crowd and keep his customers travelling with him each year. Nathaniel considers the photographic success and recognition of his customer’s images as the ultimate compliment to his teaching. Besides a thriving photo tour business, Nathaniel’s list of accolades and accomplishments are extensive. His own work has been recognized internationally in numerous competitions and publications. Most recently in 2020, he was featured in an Emmy award-winning program on PBS. Nathaniel makes his home in Yarmouth, Maine with his wife and three sons.

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