e are incredibly proud of the innovations that went in to our Photo Boat! Designed by Aliboats of Maun and ourselves, we believe that we have struck the perfect balance between functionality, usability , space and comfort. Each of our eight seats rotate a full 360 degrees and the mounting,designed and built by our very own Guts, is based on a lightweight machine gun mounting used by the South African army. The mounting design is so simple and effective that guests will master its movement in no time at all. Clients travelling with their own lenses simply attach one of our base plates to their lens collar and they are ready to go. Simple and photography friendly!

The seats are arranged down the centre of the boat allowing maximum storage space on either side for extra lenses and gear. More importantly, a configuration like this limits any potential obstruction by the adjacent photographer. If, for example, we arranged the seat further towards the edge of the boat, clients would have their field of view dramatically restricted when the subject is one side of the boat. With a configuration like that, only half of the guests would have a clear line of sight half of the time which would be frustrating to say the least.

When designing the boat we agonized whether to have a roof. When we operated in the prime viewing months and the height of the dry season, we are glad that we had one fitted! The African sun can be punishing and there is no greater distraction to a photographer than being baked and sweating profusely while trying to compose an image. The roof is positioned as high as possible and is over 2m at its lowest point inside. This height does not affect our ability to capture birds in flight and as there are only supports at either end it means that there is no obstruction on either side for any client.

Tours using the Photo Boat: