Many have already enjoyed what Pangolin Photo Safaris has to offer and have let us know what their experience was like. We would love to hear what you think about our company via a few words in our guestbook.

Read below to see what other guests thought:




From: Alex Karp

Date: 07/2018

Country: United States

Comments: Pangolin Photo Safaris experience, knowledge, and deep passion for this beautiful continent delivered a truly memorable journey through Africa that far exceeded our expectations and created memories, and photos, that will last a lifetime!

From: Webb Len

Date: 05/2017

Country: South Africa

Comments: Just returned from a photo workshop on the Pangolin Voyager with Guts.
I had always thought I was pretty proficient and comfortable with my camera usage but being with Guts opened up a new dimension dealing with back button focus and various other settings to deal with tricky light settings. The river also is a great place to practice these lessons. A great big thank you to Guts and his team.

From: Paul C & Matthew

Date: 03/2016

Country: Sydney, Australia

Comments: What a lovely holiday. Fantastic game viewing, including the elusive Leopard! Terrific food, great rooms and staff were also fantastic. Thank you.

From: Paul & Eleanor Benson

Date: 12/2015

Country: Kenya

Comments: Amazing trip. 110 species of birds including 11 new to the life list. Huge herds of elephants as well as lions and jackals. One of the highlights was watching a crocodile move her newly hatched young, one at a time, in her mouth to a nursery pod. The closeness to the birds made for excellent photography. We also saw two families of clawless otters which really made the trip. Wonderful experience. Great food and a lovely atmosphere. Thank you to all.

From: Angus Marion Duncan & Megan Few

Date: 12/2015

Country: South Africa

Comments: An incredible experience aboard the Pangolin Voyager. Huge numbers of elephants and buffalo and hippo… not to mention the massive herds of impala. A highlight was the pride of 11 lions right opposite the houseboat, roaring! We watched a single lioness hunt impala one morning. The birding was phenomenal. Thanks to Captain Martin and his team for our wonderful time! Thank you for the wonderful stay on board. We were spoilt with wonderful game viewing, great birding, great company and great food. Thank you to everyone who makes up such an efficient team.

From: Nick & Annie Boon

Date: 10/2015

Country: UK

Comments: Fantastic experience. Most memorable safari and so special seeing all the wildlife from the water. Superb, welcoming and very friendly staff. Many thanks to all.

From: Peter W

Date: 10/2015

Country: UK

Comments: Wonderful experience on the Pangolin Voyager. Food fantastic. Staff friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. An unforgettable stay.

From: Jen & Ken

Date: 08/2015

Country: SA

Comments: The time spent on the Voyager was one of the most wonderful days of game experience we have ever had. Hats off to the staff for all their expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

From: Martin.  Jackie G & Les E.

Date: 10/2015

Country: UK

Comments: What a fantastic place Chobe is. Saw so much and the knowledge of the guides were unbelievable. Superb experience from all the team. Keep up the good work

From: Chris and Michele

Date: 15 March 2016

Comments: Michele and I returned to Cape Town last week after 6 nights with Pangolin on the Chobe River. The first 5 nights were on the houseboat, Voyager.

What a fantastic experience!

Having spent amazing 5 days on the Chobe with Grant Atkinson as our guide in October 2014 Michele and I were concerned that we would find the experience repetitive and less exciting. Quite to the contrary! We were hosted by your Namibian staff on the houseboat, captained by Martin and were swept off our feet by the beautiful cabins, the high standard of cuisine and the knowledgeable, hospitable attention that we received 24/7 from your highly competent staff.

Our guide on the 4 seater photographic boat was Fabian. We left each morning with him at approx. 06.30 and spent the next 3 to 4 hours in Fabian’s astonishingly competent hands. We would be brought back as 11.00 to enjoy a superb Brunch. After some relaxing time we would leave again at about 15.30 and return back to the Houseboat at 19.00 in time for supper and some highly enjoyable socialising with our other houseboat companions. What a day! Everyday!

I repeat that Fabian was wonderful. His detailed knowledge of all the fauna and flora was astounding. I ended up calling him “Professor”. He is a natural bird enthusiast, determined to find everything there is for the pleasure of his guests. We saw Lessor Jacana, a male African Jacana with chicks, another male on eggs, Rock Pratincol and too many other spectacular birds to mention. While we did not expect to see as much wildlife in March as we did in October, we were very surprised to see ALL of the big five, Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Lion and even Leopard.

Our last night was spent at the Chobe Safari Lodge. We were taken on two Safari Drives by the delightful Sabine with Killer driving. We had some notable sightings and experiences with Lion and Elephant and Leopard.

Michele and I would like to express our sincere thanks to your whole team and assure you that we will spread the good word about the “Pangolin Experience”.

From: John

Date: 01 October 2015

Country: USA

Rating: Excellent

Comments: The Better Wildlife Tour could not have been better; Guts and his staff were experts and very accommodative.  Also appreciated Mandy’s suggestions and bookings throughout our three country 16 day journey.  In addition to having a very enjoyable trip, took some amazing photos and already received rave reviews from my photographer friends.  By photographers for photographers is a very apt phrase and supplying cameras and big glass in Chobe is a wonderful plus.

From: Andy Knight

Date: 5 May 2015

Country: UK

Rating: Excellent

Comments: We went out on two boat trips, morning and evening on different days, saw amazing animals, we were taught how to take better pictures. Shar was amazing spotting things and Guts was a very good explaining camera techinques. Lovely boat and good cameras Nikkon D7000 with 150-500mm long lens. We will be back next yr (Robyns Mom & Dad)

From: Cheryl Cranfield

Date: 16 january 2015

Country: South Africa

Rating: Excellent

Comments: There is no better way to experience the wild in all its forms, than with Pangolin Photo Safaris. My Husband Trevor and I went in December and were blown away by the experience and will be returning this year. The equipment and cameras provided, made this an opportunity for even a novice such as myself to get incredible shots. As for Trevor he was given so many tips by Guts, that now he gets so much more out of his camera than he ever did before. Unfortunately for him he is going to have to upgrade my camera now, the old one now seems so yesterday.

We wish to thank Gut’s who patiently and willingly shared his knowledge with all of us. His humour and excellent coffee simply added to an already wonderful experience.

We also thank Shah, our Captain for his excellent understanding of the animals allowing us to have what seemed like very personal times with the Elephant and Hippo. We had our adrenaline and awestruck moments, that will forever live in our memory.

Our digital photo frame is on constantly, so now every day we go back there in our mind, thanks to the images that are sharp and clear, thanks to Pangolin.
We recommend this experience to everyone. Put it on your bucket list, but make sure it is right at the top.


From: Ali Khataw

Date: 2 January 2015

Country: United States

Rating: Excellent

Comment: Pangolin was responsible for booking all our Safari destinations. I and my wife spent 5 days in Chobe (Kasane), 4 days in Pom Pom Camp in the Okavango Delta and 3 days in Gunns Camp also in the Okavango Delta. The actual photo Safari was conducted only in Chobe as Pangolin has the photography boats in that region.

We had ten Photo Safari options which included either the Boat Safari and/or the Driving Safari using the custom built “UniMog”. We utilized the Photography Boat option as that in my opinion was more conducive to the images that I wanted to take. On nearly all the trips we were hosted by Guts. Guts is an amazing wildlife photographer who has also been blessed in the art of teaching. I have been making wildlife photography images for some time now but on this trip I really wanted to perfect my Avian Photography techniques. Guts gave me some great pointers and I was right away off to a great start. I got some great images that will become “Wall Hangers”.

The photography boats are simply amazing. The rotating chairs with the multi-directional lens mounts were a delight to use. I personally bought all my gear but Pangolin Photo Safaris are set up to provide the participant with cameras and lenses. Definitely an experience that is unforgettable.

Guts is an amazing photographer whose sole pleasure was to teach and make sure the participants were going to go back with some amazing images. I enjoyed my photography time with him so much that I and my wife are looking into another trip with Pangolin in the coming year.

Definitely a first class outfit that I would rate at 5 Stars!

From: Geoff Hill

Date: 3rd December 2014

Comment: Pangolin, and Guts, gave me my best wildlife experience of my holiday by far. I had a great afternoon photographing animals and birds which, thanks to the expertise of the guide, we were remarkably close to.

This was way better than the standard boat trip on the chobe that I’d had the day before.

Thanks for a terrific afternoon.

From: Howell Green

Comment: As an 80 year old I thought, frankly, that my days of unbounded, unqualified, excitement were behind me.

As English pantomime says, “Oh no they’re not”!

Pangolin really delivers.  The kit is breathtaking, top range Nikon DSLR, big big Sigma telephoto, all hung on a very stable gimbal set-up.  The animals and reptiles weren’t actually in the boat with us but zoom the telephoto out to its full 500mm. and you might be convinced otherwise.

Lyn is so knowledgeable, both with the kit and the light/shadow variations.  Her hawk eyes and those of our coxswain, whose name I regret I have “lost”, helped all eight of us on this adventure,spot our quarries, especially the small birds and animals – we needed no help with the hippos and most of the crocs!

“Brilliant” doesn’t even come close

From: Emma Loader

Comment: I just wanted to thank you so much for one of the best days of my entire life last week! I did the Photography Chobe safari via Waterberry lodge and loved every minute! Such fantastic service and cameras. Will be recommending your company to any friends visiting Africa.

From: Rob Lloyd

Rating: Excellent

Comment: Having been around the bush for many years, the two Chobe experiences with Pangolin were outstanding.

From: Rosemany Moss

Rating: Excellent

Comment: It was a fantastic experience which i will promote to all the HWT’s 500 consultants to promote and sell.

From: Jane Adams

Rating: Excellent

Comment: It was all first rate, and I loved the experience.  Have now bought myself a Cannon 600, and am very keen on photography.  My photos I took out on your boat wirh your camera, were fabulous.  Would love to do your wildlife photography course sometime soon.   I have been busy spreading the word about Pangolin Safaris.

From: Donyale Mackrill

Rating: Excellent

Comment: I enjoyed the coaching, gear, vehicles and bunker – all superb!

From: Hamilton Loudon

Rating: Excellent

Comment: If you are looking for a top notch photography tour, then look no futher than Pangolin tours, the team is very professional and know their photography and i came back a better photogapher and i am looking

From: Stefan Boonzaaier

Rating: Excellent

Comment: My father and I spent a wonderful time with you. We wish you all the best and we hope to pay you a visit again in future!

From: Cheryl-Ann Doveton

Rating: Excellent

Comment:What a wonderful experience! After almost 4 weeks, I am still thinking about it! It was nothing short of breathtaking! Thank you Toby, Mandy, Guts and Kerstin! This trip is what memories are made of!

From: Hennie Storm

Rating: Excellent

Comment: My two experiences with Pangolin were excellent and the hospitality of Guts, Kirsten and Killer top class. Can be highly recommended

From: David Irion

Rating: Excellent

Comment: A truly amazing experience with great food, wonderful accommodations, superb wildlife viewing and photography and new friends…the best!

From: Joan Boshard

Rating: Excellent

Comment: Having spent 5 days on our second Pangolin Photo experience in Chobe, I have just one word to describe it – FAB U LOUS!! Kerstin is the ultimate organiser and Guts the consumate guide, photo opportunity finder, photo adviser and general all round fix-it guy! The extremely well-designed boat with swivel chairs and stable hull ensure a relaxed and comfortable photo shoot. Chobe is unsurpassed in beauty and picture perfection. WOW! You’ve just GOTTA TRY IT!