• From $1180 | 5 Days
  • Duration : 5 Days
  • Highlights : Birding season always offers the possibility of seeing and photographing uncommon or localised birds
  • Location : Chobe
  • Types of Photography : Birding, Wildlife
  • Group size : Max 8

Birding Season Highlights

he Chobe and Zambezi rivers with their floodplains and surrounding riverine and mixed woodlands are home to well over 450 species of birds, making it the perfect setting for any keen birder.

November through to March is an excellent time for birds as most summer immigrants are still around and many birds are breeding. Waterbirds and birds associated with water are the highlights and there is ample opportunity to see and photograph African Fish-Eagles in flight, African Jacanas, African Pygmy Geese exploding from the water and various kingfisher and bee-eater species, often at their breeding colonies.

Raptors are plentiful and all possible accipiter species have been recorded, including African Goshawk, Black Sparrowhawk, Ovambo Sparrowhawk, Little Sparrowhawk, Shikra and Gabar Goshawk.

There is always a chance of witnessing and photographing interesting behaviour sequences such as a Black Heron doing its umbrella feeding routine, a pair of Hamerkop collecting nesting material, an African Harrier-Hawk raiding weaver nests, Southern Brown-throated Weavers at their breeding colony, a Shikra hunting lizards, White-fronted Bee-eaters dust bathing, crocodiles ambushing Cape Turtle Doves at the water’s edge, waders such as Common Sandpiper chasing after and catching the abundant small yellow butterflies (Small Grass Yellows) along the shore…the list goes on!

Birding season always offers the possibility of seeing and photographing uncommon or localised birds such as Lesser Jacana, African Finfoot, Allen’s Gallinule, Lesser Moorhen, White-backed Night-Heron, Slaty Egret, Rufous-bellied Heron, Pel’s Fishing-Owl, African Hobby, Western Banded Snake-Eagle, Bat Hawk, Rosy-throated Longclaw, Black-tailed Godwit, Greater Swamp-Warbler, Luapula Cisticola, Chirping Cisticola, River Warbler, Red-headed Quelea and Copper Sundbird.

Along with the multitude of bird species there will also be ample opportunity to see and photograph mammals such as the famous Chobe elephants as they come down to the water to drink, play, swim and feed in the reed beds.

Birding season is hosted on board the Pangolin Voyager Houseboat. Alongside we have one of our 8 seater photo boats with custom built photo chairs. Please note that there will not be any of our cameras onboard and you will have to have your own camera gear. If you do have your own cameras and lenses we will then supply you with base plates to mount to your lens collar which it turn attaches to the gimbal on the chair.

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