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Vision 2020 Photo Competition

Welcome to the most exciting photo competition on the web and one that will hopefully distract you a little from all the Corona chaos and disruption around the world.

This competition is going to run from the 4th of April to the 27th of June in six 2-week cycles (one week for entries and one week for judging) – each with its own category and amazing prize of a 6 day Hosted photo safari in the Chobe for two people.

PLUS anyone who enters any image in each of the categories will be entered into two lucky draws to also win a safari for two people worth nearly $8000. In total we are giving away 8 safaris plus runner up prizes of $1000 Pangolin Photo Safaris vouchers!

FINALLY there will also be a chance for you to get involved in the judging with a People’s Choice for each category with the winner of that receiving a voucher for $500.

Here’s Toby to explain how it’s going to work:

The sixth category is now closed for judging. If you would like to receive an email with details on how to vote for the people’s choice award and also get the announcement for the winner of the sixth category on the 27th June on YouTube please enter your details below. 

Entries OpenEntries ClosedPeoples Choice AwardsWinner Announced
13 June18 June22 June27 June
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Who wins the safari??

Tune in to see who has won the 6-day Pangolin Photo Safari for two people by winning the last of six categories in the Vision 2020 Pangolin Photo Competition.

Best of the Rest: Predators

Enjoy a selection of images that were submitted but they didn’t make a shortlist. We think you will agree though they are well worth seeing. Enjoy!

The competition comprises 6 categories which will be opened, judged and announced over a two-week period for each category starting on April 4th 2020 and ending with the final category winner announced on June 27th 2020.

Each 2-week cycle includes one week for entries to be submitted and then one week for judging and the people’s choice vote to take place.

The next category will be announced after the previous winners have been declared for the preceding category. The announcement will be made on YouTube at a prescribed time  so please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and turn on all notifications.

Please note that the judging will be done collectively by the Pangolin Photo Hosts who will be sent all of the entries for each category. They will be judging blind and not have any information about the identity of the photographer. Their decision is final and binding.

This is an amateur competition so wildlife photographers who derive a significant portion of their annual income from stock wildlife image sales or leading/hosting photo safaris and wildlife photography workshops/courses are barred from entering the competition and disqualified.

The owner of each winning image in the six categories will win a space for two people on a 6-day hosted Pangolin Photo Safari in the Chobe. The choice is yours as to who you want to share this amazing experience with.

In addition, there will be 2 extra lucky draw places on the safari which will be won by anyone who entered the competition, with an appropriate image, for any category. These two lucky draws will take place in the middle and at the end of the Vision 2020 competition and the prize will be the same as that of the category winners. The draw will be administered by the directors of Pangolin Photo Safaris.

The lucky draw will include all entries made so….. if you enter all six categories you will have six entries (or tickets if you like) in the draw. The mid-way lucky draw on 16th May will include everyone who had entered an image in the first three categories. The second lucky draw will take place on 27th June and will include everyone who has entered any or all of the six categories.

Three days before the category winner is announced  a selection of highly commended images will be published in the People’s Choice awards which will be voted upon by the public. You will be notified by email when the People’s Choice gallery is up and voting is live. The winner of the People’s Choice award will be announced in the same YouTube video as the main category winner and runner up and will receive a $500 Pangolin Photo safaris Voucher.

The following prizes up for grabs in the Vision 2020 Photo Competition

  • 6 x Category prizes (6-day Hosted Chobe Pangolin Photo Safari – value US$8,000)
  • 2 x Lucky draw prizes (6-day Hosted Chobe Pangolin Photo Safari – value US$8000)
  • 6 x Runner up prizes ($1000 Voucher for a Pangolin Photo Safari)
  • 6 x People’s Choice Prizes ($500 Voucher for a Pangolin Photo Safari)

Category winners

Each category winner (6) will receive the following prize:

6-day Hosted Chobe Photo Safari.

  • 2 nights Pangolin Voyager Houseboat
  • 3 nights Pangolin Chobe Hotel
  • All meals and drinks included
  • Airport transfers
  • Park fees and tourism levies
  • Guidance from a Pangolin Photo Host throughout
  • Free use of a DSLR camera and telephoto lens (if required)

Excludes: Flights (regional and international), gratuities, Items of a personal nature, visa fees for Namibia or Botswana if required

Runner up image:

Each runner up in each category (6) will receive a US$1000 voucher to put towards and Pangolin Photo Safari of their choice.

People’s Choice Image

The winner of the people’s choice vote (6) will receive a US$500 voucher to out towards a Pangolin Photo Safari of their choice.

Lucky draw photo safari winners

Every image entered in each of the six published categories will be counted as a ticket for the lucky draw which will take place twice during the contest – in the middle at the end.

The prize will be the same as the category winners:

6-day Hosted Chobe Photo Safari.

  • 2 nights Pangolin Voyager Houseboat
  • 3 nights Pangolin Chobe Hotel
  • All meals and drinks included
  • Airport transfers
  • Park fees and tourism levies
  • Guidance from a Pangolin Photo Host throughout the 6 day safari
  • Free use of a DSLR camera and telephoto lens (if required)

Excludes: Flights (regional and international), gratuities, Items of a personal nature, Visa fees for Namibia or Botswana if required.

Please Note:

Start date for the 6-day Hosted Chobe Photo Safari prize.

There is a set departure date for the start of this 6-day Hosted Photo Safari which is the 17th of June 2021. Should any category or lucky draw prize winner not be able to join the safari on these dates then the prize can be exchanged for a 4-night package at The Pangolin Chobe Hotel for travel commencing before the 1st June 2021 on a date of their choosing. These alternate dates will not be a workshop specifically but will include supervision from a Pangolin Photo Host during morning and afternoon game activities.

Should international travel not be possible, due to any international travel restrictions, on June 17th 2021 a new date that best suits all winners will be decided upon  or the alternative 5 day package will be made available to all the winners instead.


The competition is open to all amateur photographers aged 18 or over from any country in the world.

Except for:

Professional wildlife photographers are BARRED from entering this competition. A professional photographer is one that derives a significant proportion of their annual income from selling stock imagery or leading (and teaching) on wildlife photography tours, classes and workshops.


Any Individual employed by Pangolin Photo Safaris, or their immediate family members, may NOT enter the competition.

One image per category will be allowed per entrant. Anyone attempting to enter more than one image will have both or all of the duplicate entries removed and be barred from the contest.


Images submitted must adhere to the following conditions.

All images should be a faithful representation of the original scene. No composite images will be allowed. Post-production adjustments can be used but excessive use will count against the image’s overall standing with the judges. The judges may request the original image for review in some cases before confirming their judgement.

No image which has previously won a national or international competition at any time prior to the commencement of this competition will be considered and therefore excluded with the prize forfeited if it is chosen as a winning image and later found to be in contravention of this rule.

The judges reserve the right to refuse photos that they deem unsuitable for whatever reason they see fit.

The image must be the sole property of the submitter and have no third-party publishing rights/restriction attached to them. The image must have bene taken by the submitter.

All images must be submitted as jpeg or png files without a watermark. The judging process is conducted blindly so all watermarked images must be rejected as they give away the identity of the photographer. Once the winners have been decided upon for each category Pangolin Photo Safaris will delete all the entered images and not store them on their servers or cloud-based storage.

The owners of the winning, runner up and People’s Choice images grant permission for their work to be displayed on the Pangolin Photo Safaris website and social media channels with appropriate credits for the purposes of promoting the competition. All entrants give permission to Pangolin Photo Safaris to display their image on the website should it be selected for the People’s Choice Vote.


No images that have used a live or dead bait to enable the capturing of the image will be allowed in this photo competition. If it is suspected that a subject has been coerced, baited or harassed in any way then the judges reserve the right to eliminate it from the competition without notice.

Agreement or participation

By entering an image into this photo competition, the participant agrees to and is bound to the rules set out above. Entrants agree to having their names added to the Pangolin Photo Safaris email newsletter database which will be the primary method of communication and updates regarding this contest, the prize and information pertaining to Pangolin Photo Safaris services and offerings.


The judging will be carried out by The Pangolin Photo Hosts and Directors and will be a joint decision-making panel.

The judges’ decision is final, binding and non-negotiable.

No. You can only enter one image in each category. Anyone attempting to enter more than one image will be disqualified from the contest.

We have had to set a file size limit to 5mb as we have to upload all the images and make them downloadable by the photo hosts in Botswana – where the internet access is not very robust. Maximum dimensions should not exceed 2048 pixels along the longest side whether in portrait or landscape orientation.

The judges of the photo competition are the Pangolin Photo Hosts based in Botswana and to be fair to all entrants they will be judging blind. All entries will be sent to them to choose the winner, runner up and People’s Choice selection.

As soon as the competition ends, we will then delete all the images that were submitted.

For those of you who have entered our competitions before you will be aware of Toby’s special “lucky draw” app which randomises a number from a set total of all entrants. At the halfway point of the competition we will hold the first draw for everyone that entered images to the first three categories. If you entered all three then you will have three “tickets” in the draw. The draw will be done by Toby and filmed and included in the announcement video on YouTube. The second draw will be for everyone who entered images in the whole competition. This if you entered all six categories you will have 6 “tickets” in the second draw.

During each lucky draw (halfway at and at the end) we will be holding an additional draw for the Pangolin Photo Hosts to see who gets to host the two concurrent safaris.

No. Sorry. This is an amateur competition so if you derive any significant amount of your annual income from stock images of wildlife or lead workshops or safaris then you are not permitted to enter. If you are any other type of professional photographer (e.g., fashion, fine art, sport, architecture, food, etc) then you are indeed permitted to enter. Due diligence will be performed on the owner of the winning image and the decision to allow or disallow the image resulting in this investigation will be for the directors of Pangolin Photo Safaris to make. This decision will be final and binding. Negotiations or discussions will not be entered into. If an image wins and it is later discovered that the photographer is deemed to be a professional wildlife photographer in the eyes of the Directors the prize will instead be awarded to the runner up in the same category.

If you are struggling to upload your image or enter the competition please email and we will assist where we can.

In that case you can exchange your prize for a 4-night stay at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel starting no later than 1st June 2021. You may not sell your safari nor donate or give it to a third party or person. Only the winner and a companion of their choice will be allowed to take up the prize in either form.

I’m afraid that just isn’t possible as we have so many entries for each category and as per the rules they are without watermarks. We use the video as a way of publishing the gallery for peoples choice and then the thumbnails for the vote are compressed to avoid being pilfered for commercial gain. We do have plans however to to release videos of the highly commended and interesting images though.

Apart from the winner and the runner up in each category the judges chose a handful of images that they think should be worthy of being shortlisted for The People’s Choice Award. The winner of this award is then voted for by the public in a vote over two days and the image with the most number of votes wins the $500 Pangolin Photo Safaris Voucher. Please understand that we receive thousands of entries to each category so having them all on a website would be impossible. We thank you for your understanding.