When Pangolin started it was decided that we would spare no expense on the equipment we would use. We designed our boat from scratch with the guys from Aliboats in Maun with comfort and ease of use a priority. The cameras themselves are mounted on custom built mountings which themselves are attached to seats that rotate a full 360 degrees. The boat is a full 2.5m wide inside which allows for maximum kit storage space and accessibility while on the river. With a 100hp engine she is no slouch either but for the stealthier moments we have fitted a rotational bass motor to the bow which allows us unprecedented silent approaches to the animals in and around the Chobe River.

The Unimog is quite a machine too. Originally designed for the German army in the 1950s and has changed little since. It is an amazing off roader and allows us access to even the most remote pieces of bush in the wettest and sandiest of terrain. This ability combined with a very large loadspace for eight photographers makes this the perfect land based photo platform. Again there is ample room inside for kit storage and access.

In mid 2015 we also became proud owners of what we consider to be by far the best houseboat in Africa – The Zambezi Voyager. We decided to rename the boat to The Pangolin Voyager and bring it inline with our brand and we are striving to improve on what was already a world class photo destination. We have also now added a mobile safari camping experience to our existing houseboat offering.

We intend to increase our area of operations over the coming years to incorporate some of the greatest wildlife photo experiences around the globe and we will continue to  develop exciting itineraries as we expand our reach beyond The Chobe.

We hope to develop an ongoing relationship with our clients that will see us capture the best images the natural world has to offer.