Wildlife photography workshops in Africa

Our Wildlife Photography Workshops in Africa

These wildlife photography workshops in Africa start and end on set dates throughout the year. Hosted by the Pangolin Photo Hosts throughout.

Wildlife Photography Workshops – FAQs

To make the most of your time (and to learn the absolute maximum) we suggest the minimum time to spend on any of our wildlife photography workshops in Africa is one week. Certainly, more if you can. It is however often an intensive learning experience with lots of early starts so more than 10 days can be quite exhausting. Most of our wildlife photography workshop safaris are 10 days in length visiting three different locations.

We often suggest “book-ending” our wildlife photography workshop itineraries with time spent on more sedate locales like Victoria falls and/or Cape Town for example.

Throughout the year we have set departure dates for our African Photo safaris which allow individuals, couples and small groups to join a group of like-minded individuals for a wildlife photography workshop led by a Pangolin Photo Host. We have several packages detailed above which cater to different budgets and the amount of time you have to spend with us.

Outside of these times (and if you would rather not travel with a group), we can design a custom photo safari for you visiting whichever locations you would like to see and photograph in for as long as you like. Bear in mind though that on these safaris you might only be in the company of a Pangolin Photo Host for part of the photo safari.

If you are travelling in a group of 6-8 people then we can set up a private workshop for you and your companions and customise the itinerary to suit your specific requirements, budget and photo goals.

The average size of a photographic group on the African photo safaris is eight clients. We find that this is the perfect number of clients to photo host ratio to make the experience one of intimate teaching and aim for access to information. If you have a group larger than this you will tend to not be able to spend as much time with the photo host as you might have light and therefore we do limit the group size to only eight people at a time.

In The Chobe, our photo boats seat a maximum of eight clients. In the Okavango Delta, we use vehicles with a maximum number of 4 clients per game drive. On hosted workshops, there will be one photo host and eight clients. This is why we start most of our photo workshops in the Chobe because we are able to utilise the Pangolin photo boats and this helps us to do more teaching one-on-one at the start of the safari.

When we are in the Okavango Delta the photo host will alternate between the game viewers spending half of the time with each group on each game activity. More often than not the two vehicles travel through The Delta together and so in parting information from one vehicle to another is often possible of wildlife sightings.

Our wildlife photography workshops are attended by wildlife photographers of all levels of experience and knowledge. No matter which wildlife photography workshop you might have attended in the past every time you travel with a company like ours it is a new learning experience. At Pangolin there is a place for everyone!

If you are an absolute beginner to wildlife photography then we would suggest perhaps trying the best of the Chobe wildlife photography workshop and if you are a little bit more advanced then you may find that the Chobe, Delta and Kalahari Safari is a very good choice. Check the below video to learn more about our wildlife photography workshops:

Rest assured that on our on any Pangolin photography workshop you will be given plenty of attention and even if your skills are a little rusty you will soon be up to speed. We pride ourselves on offering wildlife workshops that are not just about the photography itself but also understanding animal behaviour and appreciating the beauty of the African bush around us in a slow measured and immersive fashion. If this is how you like to enjoy Africa and its natural wonders then a Pangolin photo workshop is a very good choice indeed.