Pangolin Photo Camps

For 2023 and beyond we have decided that the Pangolin Photo Camp should be more of a concept rather than one specific destination. It is very rare that one area of wilderness is a great photo destination all year round – apart from The Chobe of course – so why limit ourselves?

Parts of the Okavango Delta, for example, will be amazing at certain times of the year, but when in flood become impassable and difficult to traverse thus limiting the wildlife photography opportunities. At these times we would then relocate to another camp in an area that is less flooded and experience better game viewing.

In Botswana, we will be using Ker and Downey Botswana’s key properties in the Kalahari and the Okavango Delta while in the Masai Mara and Madikwe we will continue to use Mara Bush Camp and Jaci’s Lodges respectively. In 2023 we will be adding more Pangolin Photo Camps to this portfolio so stay tuned!

We have developed existing relationships with these well-renowned operators to utilise their camps when they are at their game viewing and wildlife photography peak. So here is what we will add to their existing offering to make it a Pangolin Photo Camp.

  • We only work with operators who share a similar set of values and exhibit exemplary service
  • We only work with camps where off-roading at special sightings is allowed as well as night drives.
  • We will not be restricted to set morning and afternoon activities and if needs be do full-day game drives (with picnic lunches) to make the most of our time in the wild.
  • We will set up a dedicated editing area to host postproduction sessions in between activities.
  • A resident Pangolin Photo Host will be in camp to assist our guests on selected itineraries*.
  • We will have enough cameras and telephoto lenses for everyone should it be required during those itineraries*.
  • We do not partner with camps that prioritise frivolous luxuries over the game viewing experience. We are there to photograph wildlife, not wallow in copper-plated baths sipping champagne!
  • We will hold regular Photo Guide boot camps where we will work with the top guides at each camp to help them better understand lighting and positioning at sightings.
  • Where necessary we will help modify the vehicles to include beanbag mounts.
  • We advise our partner camps on making the accommodation as photo-friendly as possible – increased number of plug points in the rooms, camera lockers, charging stations etc.

We intend to increase the number of Pangolin Photo Camps across Southern and East Africa. We already have several partners in Botswana with strategically located camps allowing us optimal game viewing possibilities throughout the year.

*The Pangolin Photo hosts and cameras are available during our Chobe, Delta and Kalahari Wildlife Photography Workshop. Should you require the attendance of a Pangolin Photo Host throughout a bespoke non-scheduled safari (like a Private Chobe Delta Group Safari) this can be added to your reservation at an additional charge.

The Pangolin Photo Camps We Use

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Jacis tree lodge logo

Jaci’s Tree Lodge

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Shinde Footsteps

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Mara Bush Camp

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