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Mashatu Game Reserve | Pangolin Photo Safaris Partner

Mashatu, known as the land of the Giants.It is situated in the Tuli Game Reserve which is in the South Easterly corner of Botswana.

The terrain is different to anywhere else, not just in Botswana and offers unparalleled photographic opportunities. The animals at Mashatu are very relaxed. You can expect to spend time with lions, leopards, cheetah, hyenas, jackal and very relaxed elephants. Great general game such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, eland and a variety of antelope are there. The birdlife is prolific, with Mashatu being home to more than 350 bird species.

Being a private reserve, you are also able to experience night drives which you can’t do in the Botswana National Parks. You will have the chance to see nocturnal species like springhare, bat-eared fox, civet cat and genet.

Mashatu, like Chobe, is a fantastic photographic destination all year round. The camps have specialist vehicles and guides who help you get into great positions on the game drives. In addition to that Mashatu features some fantastic photographic hides which can be booked for your use – mainly in the winter months (April to November) when the waterholes see more action.

There are two camps we use in Mashatu – Main Lodge and the Tented Camp. Of the two Main Lodge is the more luxurious (and therefore a bit more expensive). Both are lovely destinations with great staff, delicious food and the same photographic opportunities. Mashatu is becoming a very popular destination and with limited rooms (14 at Main Lodge and 8 at the Tented Camp) so luckily both are of an excellent standard.

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