There is something deeply primaeval, exhilarating and nourishing about camping out in the wilds of Africa. It takes us back eons to our primitive selves where we were not cossetted by bricks and mortar nor detached from the sounds and smells of nature at its purest. It’s a magical experience. The Pangolin Mobile Camp is by no means a self-flagellating experience of pitching tents, digging latrines and foraging for one’s dinner. It is a proper bush experience but with a healthy dose of “glamping”.

The camp is set up in one of a handful of demarcated locations in the Chobe National park made available to local operators by the parks department. These spaces are allocated on a private basis, so the site is for the exclusive use of our camp. We have five tents in total with additional accommodation for the camp staff and guides. The support truck that brings in all the gear doubles as a mobile water carrier, fridge and electrical source once the camp is erected. Each of the large tents have an ensuite toilet with a basin and bucket shower that is filled with warm water whenever required.

The tent itself has twin beds with proper matresses and linen and storage shelves. The front of the tent has a covered area with camping chairs to enjoy a good book. The communal areas of the camp centre around the fire and the dining tent, which doubles as an editing suite during the day. All the meals are lovingly prepared in the bush kitchen nearby and you will be amazed at what can by produced from an open fire by skilled cooks. As we are in the national park, we start game drives at first light (after warm coffee and rusks around the fire) in our custom Toyota land cruiser with your photo host helping you to make the most of each photo opportunity. Onboard everyone has a window seat with bean bag mounts for cameras and lenses.

We go out for the best morning light returning to camp for a delicious mid-morning brunch. The day is then spent relaxing in camp going through the images taken that morning with the photo guide or simply relaxing and keeping an eye out for passing game who regard us as just another part of their world. After a delicious high tea we head out again on a game drive in search of more photo opportunities returning just after sunset to the camp where you will be welcomed home by a roaring fire, chilled drinks and an evening of genteel camaraderie and delicious food under the African night sky.

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