Wim van den Heever

Wim van den Heever

Tusk Photo

South Africa

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As a young boy in primary school, my father once allowed me to photograph with his “proper camera.”. I still vividly remember that feeling of awe that captured my first special moment in nature. A feeling that was all-consuming and special in every way.

And so started an entire way of life for me, where almost everything thereafter revolved around wildlife photography. It was a natural progression to start up my own photographic safari company, TuskPhoto. After 15 years of existence, I still get to lead photographic safaris around the globe.

Today, I still plan almost everything I do in life around the next photography challenge I have in mind. Capturing the beauty of nature is what resonates with me in every fibre of my being. I still get excited and thrilled to be in the wilderness in some wild and remote corner of our planet—it’s what makes me feel alive.