• Intersections of the rule of thirds

Safari Photo Tips – Rule of Thirds

In the video below you will watch Pangolin Photo Host Sabine Stols explain how she employed
the Rule of Thirds with a beautiful African Fish Eagle as her subject. In the video, this very cooperative raptor was perched on a tree stump with a nice clean background and stayed long enough to let Sabine compose and shoot it in several different ways to illustrate this technique.

The Rule of 3rds is a fundamental photography principle understanding which will immediately help you to take more engaging and interesting wildlife images. That said however rules are meant to be broken so once you have learned this don’t forget that sometimes its better to challenge the viewer with a different approach.

This is the beauty of wildlife photography. There really are no rules.

Below that are several other images where the same rule has been applied for different subjects –
if you “mouse” over the images you will see the gridlines appear

Enjoy and we hope to see you on safari soon!

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Hover over the images below to view the gridlines.

Before rule of thirdAfter rule of thirds
Before rule of thirdsBird photography rule of third
Rule of thirdRule of third photography tips
Rule of third tutorial in wildlife photographyRule of third example in wildlife photography
Rule of third wildlife photography AfricaRule of third before & after
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