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Ngorongoro Crater

Nestled in Tanzania's lush highlands, the Ngorongoro Crater is a wildlife photographer's dream, boasting unparalleled natural beauty and an astonishing range of wildlife. This blog provides essential tips to maximise your photographic journey in this ancient, expansive sanctuary

A day at Sling Aircraft

A day at Sling Aircraft with Guts & Toby We like to think of ourselves as a “challenger” brand. When we started Pangolin, everyone told us that we were on a hiding to nothing as wildlife photography was “too niche” and we would never find enough clients to really grow the business. We are pretty sure that Sling Aircraft Chairman, James Pitman and his partner Mike Blyth probably endured similar naysayers when he decided to launch his experimental aviation company and thus we hit it off immediately when Guts and I visited their factory just south of Johannesburg [...]

Photography Safaris for Beginners

Photography Safaris for Beginners How to choose the right African photo safaris for your skill level. When there are so many photography safaris to chose from it's sometimes difficult to choose the right photo safari that matches your skill level. In this article, we will detail what you should be looking for when choosing an African photo safari if you are a beginner wildlife photographer. At Pangolin Photo Safaris we welcome photographers of all levels of experience from complete novices to seasoned professional wildlife photographers. Everybody started as a novice and there is no better classroom to [...]

Botswana Seasons Explained – When is the best time to go?

Botswana Seasons Explained Is there a best time for Botswana safari? When you choose Botswana as a safari destination you need to think carefully about the different Botswana seasons and what time to travel as there are so many factors to consider. For example, you need to ask yourself questions like these: What is my budget for a safari? How long am I wanting to be on safari? What wildlife viewing and photography do I want on safari? Which animals and birds am I particularly wanting to see? What will the weather in Botswana be like throughout [...]

The Chobe

The Chobe National Park, Botswana The Chobe National Park The Chobe National Park was Botswana's first National park and is certainly one of its most ecologically diverse. The park shares its northern boundary with Namibia with the Chobe River and acts as a natural border between the two countries. The game reserve is 11,700 km2 (4500 sq miles) in size and home to Africa's largest elephant populations. There are also healthy populations of hippo, buffalo, multiple antelopes as well as lions, wild dogs, leopard and hyena. The birdlife on The Chobe River is plentiful, especially in [...]

Green Season in Botswana

Green Season in Botswana Could Green Season in Botswana be THE BEST time of year for wildlife photography? The problem with marketing people (and I speak to you as one of them) is that once in a while they come up with an interesting idea that gains traction and suddenly becomes part of the public consciousness for better - or for worse! This is especially the case when someone mentions green season in Botswana Take for example the concept of “The Big Five”. Hunters devised this to measure their success when they were [...]

Flights to Botswana

Flights to Botswana Some interesting new routes are opening up for flights to Botswana. Figuring out which are the easiest and quickest flights to Botswana and the start of your safari can be a troublesome question. Which Airline? Which Route? What if I miss my connection? Where is the nearest airport to the Chobe National Park? The list goes on. Traditionally the majority of our clients travelling to us in The Chobe, fly into Johannesburg and then turn straight back around again and fly north, along the same route they have just flown, to [...]

Shoot to thrill … don’t shoot to kill. What is a photo safari?

What is a Photo Safari? Traditionally there are two types of safari…hunting and photographic….and we at Pangolin Photo Safaris would rather “shoot to thrill” than shoot to kill! Before digital photography came along wildlife photography was always considered to be niche and out of reach to your average safari-goer. It was an activity designed for the hardcore enthusiast and limited to owning specialist gear. But when digital cameras became mainstream and more affordable, all of that changed. Today, the majority of clients that arrive on safari do so armed with just their cell phones or [...]

Photo Gear Advice

Gear for wildlife photography on safari in Africa. Bags and carry on weights The topic of hand luggage allowances when it comes to camera bags has filled plenty of forums and we’re afraid to say that the answer as to what is the protocol or allowance (as well as leniency) varies from airline to airline. The prospect of checking very expensive gear for wildlife photography into the hold of a commercial airline is not very enticing so here are a few tips from us on how to ensure that you travel with your [...]

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