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Storm is a passionate content writer for Pangolin Photo Safaris, specialising in wildlife photography, travel, and camera tips. Based in Chobe, Botswana, Storm loves to spend her time away from the keyboard enjoying adventures throughout Africa.

How to update your camera firmware

Unless your camera's firmware is up to date you run a risk of missing shots or worse taking shots that just don't come out quite right! In this blog we will explain what firmware is, why keeping it up to date is so important and show you step by step how do a firmware update on your camera. Firmware is applicable to all the camera brands and these steps should work on your Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji. Panasonic, Olympus or other major camera brands.

November 2nd, 2023|Gear Reviews|

Ngorongoro Crater

Nestled in Tanzania's lush highlands, the Ngorongoro Crater is a wildlife photographer's dream, boasting unparalleled natural beauty and an astonishing range of wildlife. This blog provides essential tips to maximise your photographic journey in this ancient, expansive sanctuary

Okavango Explorers Camp

Okavango Explorers Camp An Okavango Delta safari camp on the Selinda Reserve Nothing beats an African bonfire dining experience. Accommodation at The Okavango Explorers camp The Okavango Explorers Camp is situated on Botswana's Private Selinda Reserve and is owned and operated by Great Plains Conservation. It is situated in the South West corner of the concession and just north of the main flood plains of the Okavango Delta. The naming of this camp as an "explorers" style camp brings it in line with other explorers camp offerings from Great Plains [...]

June 16th, 2022|Why we love it|

Canon EOS R7 for wildlife photography

The Canon EOS R7 for wildlife photography Sabines' first impressions of this great new mirrorless aps c camera from The Chobe. Sabine with the Canon EOS R7 Body After a much-anticipated wait, Canon South Africa brought Pangolin Photo Safaris their new mirrorless duo, the Canon new EOS R7 and EOS R10, to test from a wildlife photography perspective. Here's a look at what Pangolin Photo Host, Sabine Stols, had to say about the new powerhouse from Canon. Sabine only had a few days to test out this pre-production model in the [...]

June 1st, 2022|Gear Reviews|

A day at Sling Aircraft

A day at Sling Aircraft with Guts & Toby We like to think of ourselves as a “challenger” brand. When we started Pangolin, everyone told us that we were on a hiding to nothing as wildlife photography was “too niche” and we would never find enough clients to really grow the business. We are pretty sure that Sling Aircraft Chairman, James Pitman and his partner Mike Blyth probably endured similar naysayers when he decided to launch his experimental aviation company and thus we hit it off immediately when Guts and I visited their factory just south of Johannesburg [...]

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